We open up new possibilities for automation technology

Founded in 2019 with an ambitious goal, sewts is pushing the boundaries of robotics in the processing of easily deformable materials.

About us

We’re an ambitious and smart team
with a shared mission

At sewts, we're reshaping textile automation with sustainability and advanced robotics.

A sustainble future

With a focus on sustainability, sewts aims to reduce overproduction in the textile industry enabling localized manufacturing driven by automation and intelligence.

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Leveraging Advanced Robotics

By providing robots with human-like perception skills, automation enters a new century. We combine, AI, Computer Vision and Robotics.

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Enabling Intuitive Automation

What is intuitive for a human is nearly impossible for a robot. Our Physical AI enables robots to excel at the complex tasks of handling deformable materials.

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110 Mio.
Lines of written code
3D-printed parts made
Towels per hour

Our journey of innovation

Trace the milestones that define our past, present, and future

From our inception to the latest breakthroughs, explore the pivotal moments that shape our mission to transform the textile industry through automation.

Founding enabled by EXIST funding
First public presentation of a prototype
Preseed funding
Seed funding round completed
End of prototype testing in an industrial laundry plant
Start of development of the 2nd use case VESTIS
Delivery of the first series-ready VELUM system

Our team

Meet the team & founders

At sewts, we're not just engineers; we're trailblazers in robotics for textiles since 2019, transforming innovative ideas into revolutionary automation technologies. Join us in crafting the fabric of the future.

Image of Alexander Bley
Alexander Bley
Co-Founder & CEO

has come across the fundamental problem of processing (technical) textiles through his holistic studies with a focus on fibre composites. Due to three scientific works at the Chair for Carbon Composites (LCC) at the Technical University of Munich he has an enormous understanding of the behaviour and material properties of easily deformable materials. Alex is responsible for corporate strategy, business development and HR.

Image of Tim Doerks
Tim Doerks
Co-Founder & CTO

has deepened his knowledge in the areas of product development and quality management during his studies. He has built up a broad understanding from prototype construction to large-scale production. During the last years, Tim enhanced his knowledge especially in the field of new grippers which is an essential part for the automated textile handling.

Image of Till Rickert
Till Rickert
Co-Founder & CPO

has both a great technical understanding and fundamental market and technical knowledge. Till has a great passion for information technology. He acquired his know-how in the field of artificial intelligence during his master studies focusing on its technical expertise making it the ideal interface between software and hardware.

Image of Katharina Bremer
Katharina Bremer

8+ years of Big Four Experience in Accounting and Regulatory, Advisory and Financial Statements Auditing. She guided scale ups on their IPOs journey. Apart from her finance experience at sewts, Katharina follows her passion for marketing and new work concepts.

Image of Ernst Waas
Ernst Waas

Responsible for the Software Development Department. He studied Computer Science and counts +10 years professional and leadership experience.

Image of Jan Nicolay
Jan Nicolay

With +10 years of experience in sales leadership and business management, he is responsible for developing and executing sales strategies, managing key accounts, and expanding the market presence and brand awareness of sewts in Europe.

Our investors

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Our journey is supported by those who share our vision of innovation. Together, we're advancing the frontiers of textile automation.

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Automation is one of many puzzle pieces to combat climate change – we’re ready to do our part.

sewts leverages automation and AI to address climate change, automating processes for a positive environmental impact. Our technology reduces industrial carbon footprints, especially in the garment industry, by enabling local production and reducing overproduction through smart, AI-driven solutions.

Eco-Efficient Robotic Installations

Growing industrial robot installations reflect a shift towards sustainable manufacturing. sewts is at the forefront, using robotics to cut emissions and improve efficiency in sectors like textiles and food processing. Our efforts align with global sustainability goals, demonstrating automation's role in eco-friendly manufacturing advancements.

Graphic about forecast of roboter usage
Our goal is to use automation to reduce carbon emissions.

The garment industry alone emitted 1.025 Gigatonnes of CO2 in 2019, and emissions are expected to rise. Reintroducing local production and on-demand manufacturing and handling through automation can reduce emissions. Automation is cheaper than manual labor and can be made smarter with sewts. This approach applies to various industries, reducing reliance on cheap labor and environmental costs of global shipping.
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Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.