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At sewts we automate what others can’t. We challenge conventional, bin-picking solutions and set new benchmarks within the field of physical AI. Dive into our world mixing, AI, Hardware Robotics and Computer Vision and start a career that defies the ordinary.

What we offer

Thrive in our culture of boundless innovation and fearless exploration

Step into a workplace that not only values but vigorously pursues the relentless innovation of textile robotics, providing a canvas for your brightest ideas to flourish.

Startup Vigor

Immerse yourself in a robotics start-up poised to lead innovation. Engage directly with cutting-edge automation and shape the future alongside industry visionaries.

Growth & Learning

Seize opportunities for comprehensive personal development, supported by a dedicated training budget that fosters your skills and propels your career forward.

Tailored Benefits

Design your benefits experience with Benefitsy, choosing from a suite of perks that cater to your individual needs and professional aspirations.

Community Spirit

Build strong connections at diverse team events. Enjoy everything from leisurely barbecues to adrenaline-filled adventures, enhancing our team's unity.

Flexible Office Hours

Benefit from adaptable work hours and remote work options that support a harmonious work-life integration, boosting productivity and personal well-being.

Equity Participation

Gain a share in our success through our VSOP programme, reinforcing our commitment to reward the hard work and innovation of our employees.

Our team

Our team

It starts with you

We want to put our team first – in our daily work as well as on this website. We’re made up out of a group of driven, diverse and unique individuals, each bringing in their own perspective to be a part of something bigger.

Our values

How we work

Our technology can provide solutions to many industries. But our main vision that we strive to accomplish is to enable a complete and customized automation of clothing production.

Our name is a wordplay on “to sew” and “suit” and it embodies this goal:

Enabling robots to sew a suitable suit!


Seeing your decisions evolve into accomplishments is truly inspiring. That’s why, we encourage the freedom to speak your mind, to be self-determined in the way you work and to develop the skill set you desire.

Team Spirit

To us team spirit means having confidence in the work we do as well as in the future of our projects. It means sharing a sense of belonging as well as spending time together.


Truly being yourself and leaving pretentiousness behind is driving our motivation to overcome every day challenges. We know that sharing a genuine laugh with the team helps us tackle every challenge.


We know that working in a culture of openness multiplies your options for the future. We value openness towards new ideas and opinions as well as criticism and self-reflection. Stay curious!

Open positions

We’re looking for talented people

Be a part of our mission to integrate robotics with the art of textiles.

Automation Engineer (m/f/d)

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