Industrial laundries operate mostly in an automated manner, but with one significant gap in automation : 30% of the personnel costs account for only equipping folding machines!

With sewts.VELUM, we bridged one of the last manual steps : Our system feeds towels and other terrycloth into folding machines, closing this significant gap in automation, assisting in overcoming labour shortage and significantly reducing operating costs for our customers.

We're introducing

The no. 1 automation system for the feeding of folding machines.

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VELUM is smart, flexible and reliable

Industrial laundries wash and dry textiles in a highly automated environment to cope with the large quantities of dirty linen, however they still require manual work for a few gaps in the automation chain. Most notably, each folding machine requires an employee who feeds the laundry and spreads it out without any wrinkles.

Redefining robotic precision

Redefining robotic precision What we as humans qualify as an intuitive and easy task, is more than complex for a mechanically driven robot. They don’t know which wrinkle to pick, what is the right pressure and how to grasp it. With our technology, we are reshaping the automated handling of textiles. Our in-house AI analyzes the textile and translates these findings into robotic commands. sewts.VELUM is optimized for adaptability and handles different types of textiles without any restrictions in colour, size or texture.

Depending on your workload, VELUM outperforms manual labor after 1,5 to 2,5 years

VELUM's initial investment in premium hardware is offset by lower software license costs compared to manual labor, offering operational savings within 1.5 to 2.5 years. This durable, low-maintenance system, including long-lasting robots and components, ensures ongoing value with regular software updates and new features.

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Reasons why VELUM is unique

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Artificial Intelligence

VELUM's AI helps it adapt to changes in the shortest possible time, be it in sortation, colour detection, quality inspection or handling of IncoSheets.

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Compact & Modular Design

Designed for efficiency, VELUM's compact footprint and modular design easily adapt to different operational layouts, optimizing your workspace.

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Low maintenance needs

Built with high-reliability industrial components, VELUM ensures minimal maintenance and human interventions.

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